Two Thousand and Seventeen

was quite a year, from three international trips, to speaking at two conferences, graduating from my double degree, and campaigning for marriage equality with my boyfriend by my side.

Every year my 'Year in Numbers' grows, this year is no exception, starting in Charlotte, North Carolina, and ending on the harbour foreshore in Sydney, this page summarises a whole year of Patrick, in numbers.
Total metrics displayed
That's a 70% increase from 2016.
There's also eight charts representing over two million data points.



At the end of 2016 I purchased an Apple Watch, which I wore every day of 2017. I don't know if it has made me any fitter or healtier, but it certainly has made me keenly aware of the times I do no excercise at all.


Thanks to finding myself in the US during winter, 2017 had a lot of skiing. With over four weeks of skiing this year, it's not hard to see how I broke some of my records.
Vertical metres skied this year
That's eighteen trips from the top of Everest to sea level.
A 592% increase over last year.
Total Kilometres Skied
Across 450 ski runs.
Thats more than the distance from London to Frankfurt. 640% more than 2016.
Top speed skiing in KM/H
20 KM/H faster than last year.


In June, Frederik and I decided to climb El Capitan in a day. It was stupid. It was fun. Combine that with tonnes of walking while travelling in January, and hill climbing through New Zealand in December; 2017 was a year of walking.
Total steps taken
A nineteen percent increase over last year
With 1 pm, being my most active hour in the day.
Total Kilometres Walked
Approximately the diameter of dwarf planet Pluto.

Steps Each Hour

through the months. (0 hour is midnight Sydney Time)


Wearing an Apple Watch every day for a year has opened up the ability to explore a timeline of my health, in particular my heart rate, this year.

Heart Rate for Every Day

Box-and-Whisker plot
Total heart beats
Making a yearly average heart rate of 79 bpm.
Highest heart rate BPM
The lowest high was 90 bpm on nine separate days.
With August 18 having the highest average of 160 bpm.
Greatest heart rate range BPM
On the day of Apple's WWDC keynote in June.
Lowest heart rate BPM
On eight separate days.
The highest low was 68 bpm, on December 29 at 9am riding my motorcycle.



The year started, as it appears many do, out of the country. It saw me finish my trip across America that I started in 2016, return to San Fransico for WWDC, and visit New Zealand—Ignoring the domestic trips in between.


In 2017, I did a lot more flying than last year. I was out of the country for fewer days, but in the air for many more; making this my most flown year—beating 2015 by a few kilometres.
Total Kilometres flown
That's 30% more than the circumference of Earth.
The longest flight of the year was 12,060 km from Los Angeles to Sydney at the end of my exchange trip.
Total hours on planes
More than twice as many as the previous year, across 21 flights.
After Sydney, my most visited airports were Melbourne and Charlotte, NC.

Flights to-and-from Airports

Size equals Number of flights


Swarm is a tool I use extensively when travelling, and almost not at all when I'm not. Having said that I checked-in more in Swarm this year than any previous year, just skewed more towards international trips.
Total Swarm Check-ins
That’s 243 more check-ins than last year
Across four contries, and fourteen US states
New places visited
More than 56% of check-ins were in places I'd never been before.
Most visited places
Train Stations
Ski Areas

Other Transport

Cost of Public Transport in $AUD
Across 399 trips, activating $88 worth of discounts.
Opal only covers Sydney travel, and excludes half of my daily communtes to work.



Music, Movies, TV, YouTube, Podcasts; the media consumption numbers of 2017 show a shift from 2016.


The first Year in Numbers was nothing but music, so it is only fitting that music makes up a significant portion of my life.
Total Minutes Play Time
That’s 26 and a half days of play.
With You Will Be Found getting this highest play time.
Top Played Genres
Total Music Plays
That’s 15% fewer plays than 2016.
Across 2,345 unique songs.
New Songs Added
Bringing my library to 6,666 songs.
Of which, 902 songs were played only once.
Artists Listened To
From 833 artists in my library.
Top Played Artists
Radical Face
Jim Guthrie
Rob Simonsen
Greg Laswell
Oh Wonder
The Coronas
Roo Panes
Imaginary Future
The National Parks
Chris Remo


I watched a fair amount of Netflix and YouTube this year, thanks in part to travel and having YouTube Red Subscription.
Netflix Videos Watched
Of which only 10 were films, the rest part of series.
On my profile, since Netflix doesn't support multiple viewers I would guess I watched another two-hundred shows with others.
Movies Watched
An 11% increase over last year.
The list, with reviews, is available here.
YouTube Videos Watched
That's approximately ten videos a day.
I'm only mildly concerned by the size of this number, and it definitely justifies YouTube Red.



2017 saw me finish university, start work, and build successful personal apps. Through all of this was my technology.


The always faithful RescueTime tracked all active time on my personal computer, showing that since I did less travel this year I spent more time online.
Computer Usage Hours
That’s 10 days more time logged than 2016.
With only 419 hours of 'distracting' time.
12 2am 4am 6am 8am 10am noon 2pm 4pm 6pm 8pm 10pm 12pm Software Dev Social Net. Design/Comp. Reference
Hours using Xcode
With 3pm and 5pm being the heaviest usage in a day.
May (for university) and November (for Live Memories) peaking for the most usage.
Percent of the year on Twitter
That's 163 hours total.
Facebook clocked in second place at 34 hours.
Hours editing videos
Between Final Cut and Premiere Pro, split 5% and 95% respectively.


Beyond small hacks and my WWDC scholarship application, I published two major personal projects in 2017; Live Memories and Pride Codes.
Total Rainbows served in 2017
The majority being the Vote Yes Corner during the postal survey.
At time of publication (March 2018), Pride Codes has served over 1.1 million rainbows!
The Pride Codes Story
Pride Codes was the creation of Jack Skinner and myself over a few rushed nights in September 2017 as a reaction to the Australian Marriage Equality Postal Survey. The overwhelming success and reception of the project was amazing, and it was used on hundreds of websites. Jack spoke at GitHub's roadshow tour about the open source nature of such an emotionally charged project. I'm very proud of all that we built here.
pride codes website screenshot
Total Memories Created in 2017
With 9528 memories being abandoned on creation and 3922 being exported.
The highest day for ceation of memories was Christmas Eve.
Total Downloads in 2017
With 187 in app purchase upgrades.
Average Photos per Memory
The greatest inlcuding 148 photos.



Here's some photos from all my adventures in 2017.

Total Photographs taken
That's 61% more photos than 2016.
Below is 128 photos taken by me, or of me, from all parts of my life this year.
Total million pixels taken
More than 2.4 times the surface area of a full size tennis court if printed at 320 dpi.
Which is about 1.2 times the surface area of a Boeing 747-400 wings.

Created By

Patrick Murray, 2018